World War I Binoculars


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US Army Signal Corp Binoculars WWI

Made by Bausch and Lomb circa 1916, The Type EE binoculars are 6x 30mm and the object lens is a 1.1875-inch lens. One barrel is equipped with a mil and range scale. This set of World War One Us Army Signal Corp Binoculars are in fair age specific condition there is a small piece of covering missing from one of the barrels. The bottom lenses are good and clear, the eyepiece lenses need a cleaning, the left eyepiece cup has a small crack, the binoculars are priced accordingly. These Us Army Corp Binoculars are sold as a collectible, as is At the onset of WWI, the Signal Corps was responsible for distributing binoculars to the Army. They were issued to non-commissioned officers and sold at cost to commissioned officers who were engaged in combat. United States Shipping Included (USA Only) – International Friends Send us your Delivery Address for Proper Shipping Rates.


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